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How Vivun Compares to Your CRM


CRM platforms were never designed with PreSales teams in mind. While PreSales teams have often relied on Sales Ops and IT teams in their companies to customize CRM platforms to include custom fields and workflows that represent the unique work of PreSales, many of these solutions fall short when it comes to ease of activity tracking, properly representing the PreSales team’s impact on revenue, or quickly adapting to changes in the sales process.

Vivun gives PreSales teams a single place to visualize, manage, and progress opportunities through the entire technical sales process, and provides PreSales leaders with metrics on how to drive more deals, increase customer adoption, and influence the product roadmap.

Founded 2018
Funding 131M
SE Experience 25+ years
Reviews & Testimonials 78 Reviews on G2
Products PreSales OperationsProduct Fit AlignmentDemo Automation
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CRM Options Salesforce Dynamics
SE Experience Not Built with PreSales in Mind
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Run PreSales Efficiently
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PreSales time series metrics and analytics
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Resource allocation workflows and rules
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Self-service configuration and maintenance
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Technical funnel
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AI-driven calendar integration and activity capture
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AI-powered technical forecasting and deal score and explanation
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Deliverable automation
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Maximize your company's R&D investments
Product-gap intake and categorization
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AI-driven product gap intelligence and deduplication
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Integration with software lifecycle management (JIRA, Github, etc) tools
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Deal revivals
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A deeper dive into the pros and cons.

To get a fraction of the functionality you get from Vivun, you would have to invest 12 months of development with 10 Engineers who typically work 2,080 hours per year at $100/hr— or roughly $2.1M in development costs. The inability to easily capture and share PreSales data creates blind spots across the organization—and a lack of clarity on product gaps, the technical forecast, and what practices lead to more closed won deals.

The world’s leading technology organizations rely on Vivun to manage their PreSales teams, with capabilities that help scale their technical selling efforts, maximize R&D investments, and de-risk deals in ways that CRM customizations could not.