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Vivun created the industry’s first PreSales Operations Platform, leveraging AI to help companies meet new demands – from solution exploration, through evaluation, purchase decision, and ongoing expansion. Our flagship product, Hero, helps scale PreSales impact with buyers, deal strategy, and product-fit.



Provarity provides a solution for technical selling teams to manage and gain visibility into product evaluations, otherwise known as proofs-of-concept (POCs) or proofs-of-value (POVs).

Founded 2018
Funding 131M
SE Experience 25+ years
Reviews & Testimonials 78 Reviews on G2
Products PreSales OperationsProduct Fit AlignmentDemo Automation
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Founded 2018
Funding Unknown
SE Experience 2+ years
Reviews & Testimonials No G2 Reviews Yet
Products Provarity XM

Run PreSales Efficiently
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PreSales time series metrics and analytics
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Team member request approval workflows and rules
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Self-service configuration and maintenance
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Salesforce integration
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Technical funnel
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AI-driven calendar integration and activity capture
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AI-driven calendar integration and activity capture
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Deliverable automation
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Maximize your company's R&D investments
Product-gap intake and categorization
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AI-driven product gap intelligence and deduplication
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Deal revivals
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Integration with software lifecycle management (JIRA, Github, etc) tools
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A deeper dive into the pros and cons.

Provarity XM focuses primarily on giving PreSales teams the means to efficiently manage evaluations (also referred to as POCs, POVs).

Vivun, on the other hand, gives PreSales teams a single place to visualize, manage, and progress opportunities through the entire technical sales process, and provides PreSales leaders with metrics on how to drive more deals, increase customer adoption, and influence the product roadmap.

Insights to drive efficiency and unlock revenue

Vivun provides PreSales leaders with a rich set of metrics showing PreSales utilization, win rates, efficiency, revenue impact, and more. With 4 dashboards and 45 reports out the box and a bi-directional integration with Salesforce, Hero users get a holistic, real-time view of how PreSales contributes back to the business.

Provarity provides a dashboard view that allows its users to track active evaluations, their status, and the amount of revenue in play, but does not track metrics on the broader technical sales cycle such as team efficiency, revenue impact, or win rates of certain activities and deliverables.

AI-powered activity capture and forecasting

Vivun turns hours of administrative work into minutes with a calendar integration that uses natural language processing to sync meetings and activities with the sales opportunities they’re associated with, and provides real-time indicators of deal health in the form of the Hero Score to help revenue leaders ensure Sales and PreSales are aligned in the forecast. The AI and machine learning methods at work in Vivun are transparently explained in this paper here.

Provarity can be configured with workflows to guide users through phases of an evaluation with action items that are added to a to-do list, but doesn’t cover activities that take place outside the evaluation, or provide AI-powered automation.

Product gap intelligence

Vivun enables PreSales teams to bridge the gap between Sales and Product by capturing feature requests and deal breakers from the field, then tie them to revenue. Tracking these product gaps directly on opportunities and accounts gives visibility into industry trends, competition, and potential churn risks.

Furthermore, Vivun applies natural language processing to efficiently categorize and deduplicate submitted feature requests, providing Product teams with a cleaner set of data that shows what the market is asking for, and how much revenue is at stake.

Provarity allows for the tracking of product-related issues and feature requests that emerge during evaluations, but does not aid in the capture of customer feedback in earlier parts of the sales cycle.