The Case for Vivun, Inc.

Matt Darrow Matt Darrow

Silicon Valley is overlooking a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

While the general public is enthralled with consumer-centric applications, Enterprise Software companies remain the real workhorse of the Valley.  They focus on:

  1. Using new tech to automate existing business processes.  Think SAP moving logistics from paper to computers, then to the cloud.  
  2. Making day to day tasks easier. We’d all rather get a contract through Docusign than a fax machine.  
  3. Changing the way departments work together.  Like it or not, Slack has become ubiquitous with workplace collaboration and communication.    

The most successful players do all three.

Over the last decade, I’ve seen the inner workings of thousands of companies from Series A startups to Fortune 100 enterprises.  A silent truth remains pervasive across all industries and geographies; Sales is never satisfied with Product.

It should be no surprise that this friction exists.  Sales and Product departments have different priorities, are held to different KPI’s, and have different budgets.  Sales is trying to close business today while Product is trying to build for the next five years.

Transforming the way Sales and Product teams work together is an opportunity to address all three major Enterprise Software value strategies. Tens of millions of Sales (Account Executives, Account Managers, Presales Engineers, etc.) and Product professionals feel the friction regardless of company size.  

Now, imagine a newly hired sales rep who wakes up to a pipeline of the best opportunities to work or prospects to call based on the capabilities included in the latest product release.

Envision a company who makes all product build decisions collaboratively, based on data — not tenure, not “gut feel” — to meet corporate objectives with conviction.

Visualize sales and product organizations working toward common revenue objectives with the ability to measure the financial impact of every product release.

Companies who can transform the way their sales and product teams work together can simply grow faster than their peers.  They will build the right products at the right time; support more quota carrying sales reps with the same budget; and make it easier to find revenue by focusing on the right opportunities.

So why hasn’t this been done?  

As with any Enterprise Software solution, it needs a clearly defined owner.  But who is the logical owner of the critical connection between Sales and Product?  The answer is Presales; and they’re underutilized in your organization.

The perception is that Presales delivers product demonstrations.  But Presales can do more. They are experts in the product and are on every sales call.  They are in the best position to understand market needs and scrutinize the sales forecast.  They are frequently understaffed and can use automation to support more quota carrying sales reps.

We created Vivun Inc. because we believe all companies can be transformed by changing the way departments work together to get jobs done.  We’re launching our first product, Hero by Vivun, with a simple mission: Transform the way product and sales teams work together to ignite growth for any company.

The Presales team is the owner of Hero; with Sales, Product, Account Management, and Executive Leadership as additional beneficiaries.  

Hero by Vivun is the nexus of Product and Sales.  These are the critical capabilities:

  • Provide an intuitive way to capture the needs of customers to make build decisions with conviction, backed by data
  • Quantify the quality of sales opportunities using algorithms based on the only data set to capture product to prospect fit
  • Measure the impact of every product release on revenue
  • Discover and serve up relevant sales opportunities based on product releases
  • Automate Presales operations to support more quota capacity with less headcount

Our novel approach combines the world of Sales from a CRM like to the world of Product from a PLM like Jira by Atlassian.   

We want to transform how Product and Sales work together.  Do you?

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Matt Darrow Matt Darrow March 1, 2020