Vivun Included in Gartner Market Guide for Interactive Demos

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Creating a new category within the tech industry is no easy feat. As a trailblazer in the PreSales space, Vivun is excited to have recently been included in the prestigious Gartner Market Guide for Interactive Demos.

The Gartner recognition comes on the heels of the creation of the PreSales Management grid at G2, as well as Vivun itself receiving a Gartner Cool Vendor award in emerging sales technology, These accomplishments are testament to the fact that PreSales are now being recognized for their strategic contribution to the business, and analyst firms are taking note.

Gartner’s Market Guide takes a close, careful look at the fast-growing demo automation space. There’s already a ton of vendors vying for attention, but Vivun offers some unique advantages that separate us from the pack. For one, we don’t just offer the ability to clone your best sales engineer and scale your demo function. The demos produced by the Vivun platform are fully interactive and completely immersive – enabling your prospect to truly experience your solution and therefore dramatically shorten sales cycles.

In addition, the data and analytics produced by our demo automation capability will feed back into the demo platform and inform the perspective of our PreSales Operations product, a case where individual Vivun modules act as force multipliers to produce incredible results.

Gartner is a globally renowned research and advisory firm, widely respected for its expertise and insights into the technology landscape. The inclusion in the market guide solidifies Vivun’s position as a leader and showcases the trust and confidence that industry experts have in our vision.

As Vivun is currently celebrating our fifth year anniversary, it’s a great time to acknowledge just how far PreSales has come. In its own way, Vivun has helped lead that charge – and we intend to continue enhancing the ability of PreSales teams to drive growth, revenue, and strategic outcomes for their organizations.

You have to be a Gartner client to access the report, but you can read the document here.

Aaron Sun Avatar photo May 19, 2023