ACI Worldwide Drives Best Practices in Solutions Consulting with Vivun

We chose Vivun because it hit all the marks.


We were trying to find a way to drive some best practices in the organization, and we chose Vivun because it hit all the marks.

My department covers sales support in 94 different countries. They help the customers identify how our solutions can benefit their needs, solve their problems, and help them realize opportunities. But we realized quickly that we had solutions that were great for the account executives and the sales representatives. We had solutions that were great for our product managers and project managers working with our customers. And it took us a while to identify a tool that was particularly suited for the activity we do in solution consulting.

Vivun has helps us by mapping the activity during the sales cycle to the customer journey. The mapping essentially drives best practices and drives a funnel that the new solution consultants can simply follow to be more successful. One thing beyond Vivun’s software that impressed us with the company was their own solutions consultants coming in to present to us.

We could feel that Vivun was an expert and that we had a lot to learn from the Vivun team. In addition to that, the software ticked all the boxes in terms of the type of activity we were trying to monitor, to report on, and the type of KPIs we wanted to achieve as well.

I like Vivun because I feel it’s a tool specifically for solution consultants, and I feel strongly it’s a tool that was created by solution consultants.