CaptivateIQ Increases Win Rates and Cuts Down POC Build Times with Vivun

Our win rates have gone up 10-15%, a huge win for us.

Arni Khanna, Director of Solutions Engineering


Hi, my name is Arni Khanna. We are a incentives and compensation management software. We can pull data from any CRM or ERP out there and calculate commissions for any sales team.

Prior to tracking everything in Vivun, because info wasn’t always up to date and real time. But
as soon as we implemented Vivun, folks could see what performance looked like.

When we compared the numbers pre-Vivun and post-Vivun, we were able to see substantial gains.

Our win rate went up by 15 percent, which was a huge win for us. That was driven primarily by people seeing the value in logging everything with a tool like Vivun, and having those conversations with their managers.

Before, we were running into issues with data being up to date. Once we moved into Vivun everything was real time and we could hone in on what great performance looks like.

We were able to establish baselines on how much time a person spends. Once we were able to establish baseline number, we were able to communicate that back to the team.

Since we communicated that towards the team with everyone tracking to the same number, that allowed us to cut down POC build times by about 4 hours, which resulted in about 16 hours worth of time savings across a week.

One of the biggest wins we got out of implementing Vivun was taking time off my sf admin’s plate.

It gives my team a great platform to build off of. All of the SE workflows are built into Vivun, and they’re not having to jump from tool to tool to go about their daily jobs.

From a leadership perspective, we’re getting tons and tons of information from Vivun that we’re able to report on to make changes to our sales motion, and to tweak where things are not working well versus improve where we are seeing huge wins.