Cloudera's Solutions Engineering Org Impacts $80M in Revenue with Vivun

We've impacted over $80M using Vivun product gaps.


Cloudera is a leader in the data management space offering modern architectures that allow their customers to manage data everywhere from The Edge to artificial intelligence.


  • As they grew rapidly, the Solutions Engineering Org lacked the data and certainty to know where the team was spending their time.
  • Custom CRM fields and processes led to huge issues with data hygiene.
  • Product feedback was collected in the field but was lost across too many sources.

Vivun Benefits

  • The team has fully adopted Hero by Vivun, and they love having a voice in the forecast and product.
  • With Vivun’s Calendar Intelligence, the team only spends about 15 minutes per week linking their calendar events to relevant activities.
  • Product feedback is easily collected, aggregated, and automatically mapped to revenue opportunities, expansions, and renewals with AI.

Business Impact

  • The visibility Vivun provides into utilization ensures the team is focused on driving revenue.
  • R&D has addressed 500 Product Gaps identified with Hero.
  • Last year they’ve impacted over $80 million in revenue in addressed gaps using Vivun.