Gainsight Maximizes Solutions Team Impact with Vivun

Vivun's given my leadership confidence in our decisions.

Brent Krempges, VP, Solution and Value Consulting


Gainsight is the customer success platform.

Three main goals that we’re really helping organizations solve is reduction in churn, identification of cross sell upsell, and then driving that with as much efficiency as possible across to our organization.

The main challenges we were facing before Vivun were around a data driven approach to really how we were operating. Where do we have the most impact, what are our ratios, who are the top performers, things like that, with that data. That’s where we’ve been able to say, hey, our win rates are different if we engage too early, than if we engage later. It’s given my leadership, the faith, trust, and confidence in the decisions that we’re making, because now it is also data-driven.

If I’m on an executive call and someone asks a question like, “what’s our win rates for POCs?” I’ve always got that data at my fingertips. That to me is invaluable.

If I had to quantify it, I would say it’s making my SC leaders probably fifty percent smarter. With Vivun, you can actually start to identify where we have struggles, if someone’s wasting too much time doing a certain deliverable that doesn’t impact the business.

I now have a good benchmark in terms of where should the team be when it comes to utilization? What is a full plate for an SC? I would say we’re definitely saving multiple hours a week. In some situations, it’s probably multiple hours a day.

When you really step back and you start to evaluate, what’s the cost to build something…if you build it in Salesforce, it’s not gonna be at the same level of what that purpose-built solution is.

We couldn’t wait. We really needed a purpose built solution for what we were trying to solve. It has completely changed the way that we’re able to look at our business and make these decisions with confidence.

The way that I typically describe Vivun to peers is that it is the PreSales tool in the market, and it’s given me the intel, the analytics that I need to run a highly functioning SC team.