Seismic Drives the Direction of the Product and the Company with Data

Vivun amplifies the voice of the PreSales team.


Anecdotes are nice, but I think that we’re living in a world of data-driven decision making. My name is Brian Cotter. I work for seismic, and I am the SVP of Sales Engineering. Our PreSales team is designed to help the sales organization sell more stuff quickly and drive deals to closure with the least amount of friction.

We were running through a bunch of different challenges that fell into three main areas. One of them was the risk in deals. Understanding whether it was product related or market related and how we can sell up over and around that. Getting the visibility to get the right key people to swarm that deal to mitigate the risk. At the same time, we were looking at how to aggregate that information and start having more data-driven conversations with other departments, one, in particular, is the Product organization. How could we influence the product roadmap? Or how can we influence the anatomy of a deal, sales cycle time, or the go-to-market strategy? The third part was about taking a look internal to ourselves to understand what are the resources that we actually leverage? What were the deliverables, the milestones, and the activities that we did that uniquely made that deal different or made it move quicker?

With Vivun we can understand how we build our teams. Tactically, we were building things that help us manage the team. Operationally, we needed to work on how to build that story. And now, we’re working on alignment and really highlighting the impact that we can have on the business.

We have a gut feeling that we can increase average order size, win rates, deal velocity, and multi-SKU or ELA types of conversations. Vivun is giving us the ability to see, holistically, where we actually have the biggest impact. My team loves Vivun and the ability that it gives us to amplify the PreSales team and the voice of the field. That gives us the ability to have data-driven conversations where we can, in essence, drive the direction of the product and the company.