Unravel Data Delivers Better Experiences For Buyers and Customers

"Having data to back our perspective gives us a greater voice in the organization, and the ability to push for changes that make Unravel more responsive to customer needs."

Chris Santiago, VP of Solutions Engineering

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Unravel’s DataOps observability platform enables data teams to intelligently optimize, automatically troubleshoot and proactively control costs of data pipelines and applications. Designed for modern data stacks, Unravel captures, correlates, and analyzes the granular insights needed to maximize business value from data.


  • Managing Solutions Engineering (SE) resources across multiple time zones and segments without a formal process was challenging. Chris: “We needed to ensure that SEs were always assigned to the technical engagements most appropriate for their skillset and time zone.”
  • Unravel SEs wanted to better understand how feature requests actually impacted revenue. “We lacked a way to track feature requests from customers and quantify how significant the need actually was.”
  • Leadership sought greater insight into SE activity without imposing additional burden on the team. Chris: “I wanted a way to get visibility into our efforts without forcing SEs to provide redundant status updates.”

Vivun Benefits

  • “Managing SE requests with Vivun results in a much better experience for buyers and customers because we can ensure the right team members are selected for every technical engagement.”
  • Logging product feedback from the field in Vivun has made Unravel even more responsive to customer needs: “In addition to product gaps with high revenue impact, we also saw numerous requests that the R&D team could address with minimal engineering resources.”
  • Automated activity capture helps leadership understand SE impact while protecting team members’ time. Chris: “I have a much better understanding of my team’s contributions and where we can improve in our process. Capturing activities in Hero has been a time-saver for everyone.”

“Unravel SEs are responsible for customer interactions that set the tone for their entire experience with the company, and we now have the insights to make those touchpoints as valuable as can be.”

Business Impact

  • Streamlined resource management and technical engagements via team member requests
  • Product insights that show revenue impact and improve roadmap prioritization
  • Insights that drive process changes and prove SE impact