Xpert Analytics

Make the Best Decisions

See a data set you’ve never had before. Immediately access and visualize the intersection of product and sales execution data for new insights that improve performance.

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Elevate Your People

Strategically allocate resources to maximize success, reward top performers, and become more data driven with a view of revenue impact, win rate, and workload for every team member.

Optimizie Your Sales Process

Track deal performance in real-time and take early action to address deal risks. See deal velocity, conversion, and pipeline coverage in a single view, and highlight stalled opportunities for the team to address.

Evolve Your Product

Inform roadmap decisions with a clear understanding of market demand and product-related revenue risk. Highlight your biggest deal breakers, most-requested features, and greatest development ROI.
39% of customers use Vivun data to optimise AE:SE ratios

Transform Your Organization with New Insights

Provide your organization with the ability to ask and answer questions about the business using a data set they’ve never had before from the technical sales team. 

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