Interactive PreSales Hiring Plan & Interview Framework


The key to hiring and building a successful PreSales organization lies in identifying the ideal characteristics of the individuals being hired while having a systematic way to test those characteristics across every candidate with consistency. That’s why Vivun created an Interactive PreSales Hiring Plan and Interview Framework to make hiring top talent as easy, transparent, and efficient as possible.

Our Interactive PreSales Hiring Plan and Interview Framework features:

  • A workable sheet that makes collaborating with every individual involved in the hiring process as easy as breathing

  • A real-time scoring system to evaluate prospective candidates with consistency

  • Mock SE demo guidelines

  • Specific and unique interview questions created for each team member’s role

  • The 7 key characteristics every successful PreSales candidate embodies

  • A multi-gate methodology to ensure time is not wasted across the interviews

Without a planned approach, hiring may become based on “gut feel” or the opinion of the most senior individual in the hiring process. Arming all individuals involved in the hiring process with a clear questioning objective will produce the most holistic sense of the candidate in the shortest amount of time.