Dissecting The State of PreSales

More is being asked of PreSales teams than ever before. Despite nearly all teams taking on responsibilities including post sales, product launches, and new market expansions, only 44% of teams expect their budgets to increase in 2024. This begs the question: in rapidly evolving economy with high stakes and pressures, how the heck do PreSales teams keep up?

Watch the session where we dive into how organizations are evolving to meet market pressures and maximizing the impact of sales. Join Vivun’s VP of Solutions, Brett Crane, and CMO, Jarod Greene, as they discuss insights from the newest research report, “The State of PreSales” and uncover routes to success within the evolving nature PreSales including the people, process, and technology.


Brett Crane

VP of Solutions, Vivun

Jarod Greene

CMO, Vivun