Drive value across the business

With Vivun, PreSales Leaders are Empowered to Run their Organizations like a Business

Data-driven visibility scales the impact and strategic profile of PreSales, helping shape the company’s future for success.

Maximize PreSales Impact

Vivun provides a lens into PreSales activities, allocation, and performance. Get the data you need to develop and lead the team. Demonstrate value and own your seat at the executive table.

Influence Product Priorities

The most strategic thing PreSales can do is help drive the product roadmap. With insights captured in Vivun, leaders ensure that product priorities are informed by data and not opinions.

Get a Voice in the Forecast

PreSales knows which deals are going to close, and Vivun helps them prove it. Our AI-powered Hero Score® explains what can be done to accelerate opportunities and when to qualify them out.

Identify Winning Patterns

Learn which deliverables, activities, and team members drive the technical win—and ultimately the deal. Using Vivun, leaders empower their teams to optimize the metrics that matter.

Presale Leder

“The data captured with Vivun is crucial to our continued presales effectiveness and allows me to make better strategic decisions for the team and the business.”