PreSales Operations

Winning when Every Deal Has to Count

Consistency is key for getting the technical win. Vivun enables workflows aligned to best practices that the entire PreSales team can follow.


Brian Christiansen

Sr. VP, Global
Solution Engineering

Brian Christiansen

Secure the Tech Win Every Time

Use Vivun for any kind of go-to-market strategy: sales-led, product-led, or consumption. Either way you get a set of best practices that drive repeatability. AI automations give the team more selling time with less management overhead. You may have fewer people than you used to, but they'll punch above their weight class.
Reduced Time-to-Close
By shaving days off the sales cycle with standardized workflows.
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De-Risk the Deal Line

Which deals are in jeopardy and what can you do about them? Stepping away from the main sales forecast and putting a technical point-of-view on your pipeline enables you to focus attention on the deals most likely to close. Vivun’s AI-powered Hero Score gives you a view of your existing opportunities that your sales reps don’t have, and you can leverage those insights to take strategic action on the deals that matter most.
Deals 3x More Likely to Close
By using the Hero Score to target the right opportunities.
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Set the Right Team in Motion

One of the most critical ingredients for closing a deal is having the optimal team composition. Trying to map PreSales team members to the right accounts using spreadsheets or a CRM doesn’t work, and it definitely doesn’t scale. Vivun enables you to put the perfect team in place using our rule-based requests and assignments — solving a complex operational problem in minutes.
Unqualified Opps Rejected
By using Vivun to put their team members behind the best opportunities.

Get Work Done Fast

Don’t let a sluggish CRM slow down your day. Our CRM Accelerator was designed to push updates from Vivun to Salesforce asynchronously. Users enter their data in Vivun – and in the background, updates are queued and sent into Salesforce as fast as your CRM will allow. The accelerator is native to Vivun and can’t be built in a CRM. But it has an outsized impact on team productivity and the ability to move quickly.
Happy & Productive Teams
By eliminating 30 seconds of wait time for each CRM update.

AI-Powered Time and Cost Savings

With all the effort PreSales needs to put into every deal, anything that can be automated, should be. Vivun’s AI-powered Calendar integration uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a Bayesian classification system to make time tracking effortless. Our AI-powered Hero Score uses a Bayesian network and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to help spot risks to revenue while telling leaders how to help close the gaps. Let every team member sell with greater precision and less overhead.
Massive Time Savings
Gave 4 hours per week back to every PreSales team member.
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Quote Vivun provides my CRO the visibility to understand where we are operationally.
Toby Penn
VP PreSales, Recorded Future

Key Capabilities


Workflows the team can follow for any sales motion: sales-led, product-led, or consumption

Resource Allocation

Rule based requests and assignments to get the right team members on the right deals


Manage the unique work technical selling teams do to close business

Calendar Intelligence

AI to capture everything the team did in minutes across Gmail and Outlook

Hero Score

AI to quantify the quality of a deal from the technical perspective

CRM Accelerator

Queue and push CRM updates asynchronously so teams can get their work done fast

CRM Integration

Connect to the world's #1 CRM,

Collaboration Integration

Connect to the tools used across an integrated sales team like Slack, Google Drive and Box