Product-Field Alignment

Recover Revenue You Can’t Afford to Lose

Vivun enables PreSales teams to centralize all feature requests from the field, helping the company prioritize what to build in order to drive revenue now.




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Maximize the ROI of the R&D Team

Be confident that your engineering efforts will result in more revenue. Vivun enables PreSales teams to centralize feature requests from the field while automatically calculating their potential impact on the business.  AI automations spot patterns from noise to create alignment even at massive scale. Start moving development forward with conviction and a business case, not politics.
Smarter R&D Decisions
By prioritizing based on revenue impact at the board level
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Get an Early Warning into Deal Risk

Cut through sales happy ears by understanding if your deal line has product fit. With Vivun, PreSales provides new insight into which deals are likely to result in satisfied customers and which ones are in jeopardy of closing. Never be surprised by a committed deal unraveling at the finish line again.
Increase Win Rate
By identifying and swarming deal breaking gaps well in advance

Reactivate the Field After Every Release

When engineering releases a new product or feature, the field needs to know who is ready to be re-sold. With real-time integrations into product delivery tools like Jira, GitHub, Aha! and Productboard, Vivun automatically reactivates the field with targeted alerts tied directly to their deals. Give your sales team a clear line of sight into revenue that’s waiting to be recovered.
Accelerate New Product Revenue
By teeing up the right targets for sales after launch

Expand Addressable Market

Take the uncertainty out of landing the “next big thing.”  Market trends surfaced in Vivun give you line-of-sight into new pains and adjacent needs across your prospect and customer base. Don’t launch, acquire companies or wade into new industries without the data to prove you are going to generate revenue.
Track Product Gaps from All Service Lines
Including new SKUs introduced via M&A

AI-Powered Time and Cost Savings

Companies crave prospect and customer feedback from the field. But 100 people may describe a feature request 100 different ways. JIRA tickets, spreadsheets, and surveys to sales simply result in more headaches. Vivun uses natural language processing built on S-BERT, the foundation of ChatGPT and other large language models, to help cluster and classify recorded gaps. We analyze the input, tie it to business impact, and communicate to the product team what roadmap items to prioritize, letting our AI do the work of entire teams. 
Save Time and Money
Using AI to drive the product roadmap.
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Quote Vivun Helped Cloudera Recover $80M in Revenue.
Henry Sowell
VP Solutions Engineering

Key Capabilities

Product Gap Library

System of record for prospect and customer feature requests

Product Search

AI to quickly associate new requests to the Product Gap Library

Product Clustering

AI to automatically identify new trends for categorization

Product Gap Metrics

Calculate the revenue impact of prospect and customer requests

Deal Revival

Alert the sales team when new releases positively impact their pursuits  

PLM Integration

Connect to powerful product management tools like Jira, Productboard, Aha!, GitHub and Microsoft Azure DevOps

CRM Integration

Connect to the world's #1 CRM,

Support Integration

Connect to the leading support platform, Zendesk