PreSales at the Center of Influence

Sales Ops has One Less Team to Manage, Thanks to Vivun's Self-Service Capabilities

Sales Ops leaders are pulled everywhere, by everyone. Transform PreSales into a self-sufficient powerhouse who can own their processes and the buyer experience.

Take the Burden off Sales Ops

Give PreSales a solution that's easy to deploy, provides self-service administration within your corporate controls, and works with the enterprise tools you've already invested in like Salesforce.

Set Your PreSales Data Free

Sales Ops has access to Vivun's critical insights. PreSales' net new data set is clean and portable. Put it in a data warehouse, a board presentation, or a Salesforce dashboard.

"Vivun continuously innovates to bring us new insights and features. Implementation was straightforward, easy, and a much quicker time to value than building ourselves. It's also very low maintenance."

Hoppy Maffione VP Sales Operations and Strategy at Harness Harness