Build a Gold Standard Product Feedback Loop for Samsara Customers

Empower Samsara PreSales to deliver more powerful solutions with a platform that provides insights into what is going on within your org to be more strategic with less effort.

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How Hero Powers Next-Gen PreSales Teams

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Why PreSales Teams Use Vivun for Strategic Growth

In an enterprise, post-ipo enviornment, meeting your customers needs is the difference between a companies life and death. What if you could prioritize the roadmap based on the products that drove the most growth?

Light Bulb Faster Feedback Loops

Time to market is everything. Capitalize on product feedback and build solutions that drive value for your customers to beat competitors to market.

Compass Data Driven Product Decisions

How should the team prioritize features? Market research, surveys, or listening to “the loudest voice in the room”? Vivun enables Product to act on data, not anecdotes.

Dollar Identify Winning Patterns

Learn which deliverables, activities, and team members drive the technical win—and ultimately the deal. Using Vivun, leaders empower their teams to optimize the metrics that matter.

Ready to Raise the Bar for PreSales at Samsara?