PreSales at the Center of Influence

Free PreSales Team Members from Repetitive Tasks and Low-Value Work

Vivun was designed by PreSales for PreSales—a beautiful place to align with buyers and work smarter with simplicity and automation.

Give Team Members a Home

PreSales professionals love using Vivun. It's a single, integrated place to manage deals, track gaps, and run hands-on evaluations with buyers. No more time is wasted switching between disparate tools.

Automation that Matters

Automation minimizes repetitive tasks like activity tracking with seamless calendar integrations powered by machine learning. Tired of doing the same old demos? Automate them at scale.

Highlight Your Impact

With Vivun, your work and point-of-view isn’t invisible. Showcasing your accomplishments demonstrates your value and sets yourself up for promotion.

Be the Voice of the Customer

Product gaps are easily captured, analyzed, and immediately aggregated for quick action by R&D. Team members see when feature enhancements are coming and are the first to let buyers know.

"Now I can take action on the things that get deals done and access the information I need much faster because I don’t need to sort through ancillary sales fields. Vivun makes my life easier and gives us a home for PreSales."

Katie Barends Senior Solutions Consultant