Half Day In-Person Event

The UNXPCTD Summit

June 20th
12:00-6:00pm PST
San Francisco

You're Invited

Despite being attuned to customer needs and preferences, product teams often hesitate to involve sales in roadmap discussions. Conversely, when product teams do collaborate with sales to introduce new features, capabilities, and products, sales teams often struggle to perceive and communicate the differentiated value. This disconnect between Sales and Product has significant negative implications, and significant advances in Generative AI are poised to shift the power balance and dialogue between these teams.

Please join us for an exclusive, dynamic discussion focused on addressing the critical challenge of product-field alignment.



Welcome Lunch and Intros


Driving Product-Field Alignment in the Era of AI


How to Evolve Product-Field Alignment




Best Practices for Product Prioritization and Leveling-Up Launches


Reception (Networking, Cocktails, and Light Appetizers)




Accel, 35 S Park St, San Francisco, CA 94107


Who is this event for?

This event is for chief product and chief sales/revenue officers. We encourage you to bring your product or sales counterpart to the event.

Why should I join?

Sales and Product teams don’t know how to work together. From prioritizing the roadmap to landing launches to enabling effective Technical Sellers. When Sales and Product are not clicking, pipeline is harder to build, win rates suffer and customers churn.

Given the rise of GenerativeAI there has never been a more critical time to ensure Sales and Product teams are aligned and firing on all cylinders.

We’re gathering some of the best CROs and CPOs for a unique workshop that will bring these leaders together to discuss their shared challenges and opportunities to drive revenue – because it takes two.

Can I invite my coworker or connection?

Absolutely—the more, the merrier, but please have them register.

Please feel free to share this with a few of your fellow leaders who you think might also get some value out of this event.