Discover What Leads Your Team to Success

So your team is winning — but do you know why?

Surface data on team activity for a clear picture of where to invest their time and resources so you can create repeatable success.

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Leading PreSales Teams Strategize with Data from Vivun

“Vivun provides us with a very simple, straightforward way to represent what is otherwise a fairly technical, somewhat complex sales process. Documenting our work generally isn’t the easiest thing to do in PreSales, but with Vivun we are able to do so with minimal effort.”

Oliver Oursin


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How Vivun Does It

Leaders utilize insights from Vivun to drive forward a data-driven GTM strategy. Not only can they lead their team more thoughtfully, but can guide growth throughout the entire organization.

Dollar Identify Winning Patterns

Learn which deliverables, activities, and team members drive the technical win—and ultimately, the deal.

Light Bulb Uncover What Your Best Players Are Doing Right

Vivun provides a lens into where PreSales efforts are being spent and—more importantly—what's driving deals forward and what's not.

Compass Maximize PreSales Impact

Vivun provides a lens into PreSales activities, allocation, and performance to uncover winning patterns to repeat your success. With a deeper understanding of what makes you win, you can shorten sales cycles and utilize PreSales as a reality check for you sales forecast.

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