Recover Millions in Revenue

In times of market uncertainty, it is essential to understand all areas of financial opportunity to keep your revenue goals on track.

The key to unlocking better product and field motions? Your Solutions team.

Vivun empowers your teams to jump back into unlocked opportunities to recover lost revenue at a moments notice.

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Leading PreSales Teams Find More Revenue with Vivun

A product gap highlighted by Vivun allowed the team to uncover $4 million in revenue which would have been overlooked without Vivun. “Product closed the gap, we went back into those deals, and we took the money down.”

Toby Penn

VP PreSales, Recorded Future

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How Vivun Does It

Leaders utilize technical sales insights found in Vivun to align internally around deals. With new data points, teams are able to align revenue to product gaps, drive a more realistic sales forecast, and win more deals faster.

Dollar Recover Lost Revenue

What happens when new features are released that could bring deals back from the dead? Generally nothing. Now you can capture the money left on the table.

Compass Drive a Competitive, Data-Driven Roadmap

Vivun helps you see where the market is going, and make sure your roadmap is prepared. Vivun equips Product teams with analytics that help them spot trends.

Light Bulb Solutions Insights

Vivun provides a lens into Solutions team performance to uncover winning patterns. With a deeper understanding of what makes you win, you can shorten sales cycles and close more deals.

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