PreSales Community Event:

Festive Cocktail Masterclass

20th Dec
4:30pm BST

Festive Cocktail Masterclass

Running PreSales for fast-growth companies is exhausting. Take a well-deserved break with a fun festive cocktail masterclass with the Vivun and the PreSales community! 

The event will be held virtually on 20th December at 4.30pm BST and we’ll send you your very own cocktail kit with everything you’ll need to make some delicious drinks. A master mixologist will guide us through each cocktail showing us step-by-step how to create some specially created festive cocktails!

We’ll start the event off with a short update from Vivun, go into the cocktail making and then have some time to chat all things PreSales whilst sipping on our tasty creations. The purpose of this event is to create a space for mind-sharing between PreSales peers – so get ready to bring your questions and your cocktail making skills! 

We only have a limited number of seats available for this unique opportunity, so sign up today! Note: All packages are sent with duties paid and customs clearance documentation complete. In some circumstances though, you may be asked to provide additional information to customs. Should this be the case, please forward any communications to us at and we will be happy to liaise directly with customs to ensure your package is cleared.


Tam Attiwell

Area VP Sales and GM EMEA, Vivun

Brian Fenn

Senior Solutions Consultant, Vivun



Event Begins


Intro to Vivun & Update


Discussion on Sales Proof Buyer


Brief Demo with Q&A



This event registration has now closed. Please keep in touch for future events.


Why should I join?

You can expect great insights as well as networking with fellow PreSales executives. We will also be raffling off some special prizes at the end!

What if I don't drink or have dietary requirements?

Just let us know! There is a drop down on the registration form where you can notify us. If you have any further questions, please email

Can I invite my team?

We invite you to bring along 1-2 other leaders of PreSales of your organisation who also might enjoy the conversation. Please keep in mind, the conversation will be geared towards those leading PreSales organisations so please invite others appropriately

I can't make it, can I still get the kit?

We ask that if you do not plan on attending, please refrain from registering. These are always really phenomenal events for our guests and we want to make sure the room is full to have a good conversation. We encourage you to let us know if you might be interested in a future event! Please email