Vivun exists to empower B2B companies to meet the demands of today’s sales-proof buyers.

What is a sales-proof buyer?

B2B buyers no longer make commitments based on relationships with salespeople. Instead, they demand a “sure thing.” They are more informed than ever and are looking for undeniable value, total transparency, and the ability to run processes their way – proving your solution’s capabilities meet their requirements. They’ve been burned before and won’t let it happen again.

Companies and Buyers
are Drifting Further Apart

When sales-proof buyers do engage with vendors, they want to talk to product experts. Unfortunately, companies continue to rely on old tactics that are becoming increasingly ineffective: call recording, email sequencing, and poor resourcing of the supporting sales teams. As a result, buyers and sellers are drifting further apart.

Redefine B2B Selling with
a PreSales Operations Platform

In response, Vivun created the industry’s first PreSales Operations Platform, leveraging AI to help companies meet new demands – from solution exploration, through evaluation, purchase decision, and ongoing expansion. Our flagship product, Hero, helps scale PreSales impact with buyers, deal strategy, and product-fit. Revel enables prospects to get hands-on with a product via fast, interactive demo autmoation, and our next product will be unveiled later this year.

Incredible PreSales Drive Innovation, Growth, and Revenue

Vivun is dedicated to empowering our customers to exceed the expectations of their sales-proof buyers by delivering a differentiated experience built on trust. As a result, our customers accelerate revenue, improve product-fit, dominate market share, and demonstrate undeniable value. In turn, their buyers commit to long-lasting partnerships.