B2B buying has changed forever.
PreSales must lead this new era of Buyer-Led Growth.

Today’s B2B buyers have become evaluation-driven buyers. They expect to get expert support and guidance during their entire customer journey, from trial to pilot to purchase and beyond. They demand a sure thing; transparency and high confidence in the expected value delivery.

In response, B2B providers are increasing their investments in their PreSales organizations, recognizing that they are the key to influencing and enabling this new buying behavior to successful outcomes. They understand that delivering PreSales success at scale can not not only help with short term revenue attainment, but can accelerate a new era of Buyer-Led Growth for the organization. 

Unfortunately, PreSales teams simply don’t have the right tools, the right data or the level of empowerment needed to lead the organization to success.  

Today’s buyers expect to get expert support and guidance during their entire evaluation.

PreSales teams are left finding their own way, slogging through CRM customizations, pieced together systems, and manual processes—all without the data and visibility needed for success, learning and improvement. As a result:

Sales forecasts are inaccurate because they do not reflect the reality of the buyer’s evaluation, technical win status, and product gaps.

Products stagnate, failing to deliver the features that customers demand as part of their purchase decisions, new releases often miss the mark, sales cycles lengthen, deals slip and are lost, and growth opportunities are left untapped.

Best practices are hard to identify and harder to scale, and the PreSales team grows frustrated, overwhelmed and undervalued.

We started Vivun to provide PreSales teams with a new type of SaaS solution, a PreSales Intel and Ops Platform that lets them effectively manage their team; align sales with product; guide buyers through successful evaluations; while measuring, proving and communicating their value.

With Vivun, PreSales leads the organization to a new era of Buyer-Led Growth.

The Vivun PreSales Intel and Ops Platform (Vivun PSIOps™) helps PreSales teams to create successful buying experiences delivering revenue and growth. Vivun captures, normalizes and analyzes data from the entire buying experience and integrations with existing CRM, Product, and collaboration tools. Vivun leverages AI to turn all of that data into actionable insights, better product fit and repeatable best practices.   

Vivun PSIOps™  enables PreSales teams to:

Increase and accelerate revenue by maximizing technical win rates, shortening evaluation cycle times, nailing forecasts, and creating net new opportunities.

Grow market size and share by improving product fit and buying experience; identifying and prioritizing product capabilities that open new markets and build more lasting competitive differentiation.

Optimize PreSales investment by being able to measure, continuously improve, and communicate their value to the organization.

With Vivun, PreSales leads the organization to a new era of Buyer-Led Growth. Is your organization ready?