Vivun’s Summer Showcase

27th July | 16th August | 18th August
12:00 BST

Learn about Vivun this Summer

Join Brian Fenn, Senior Sales Engineer, at our Summer Demo Series to hear more about Hero by Vivun. Get a chance to see Hero up close, ask questions and connect with other PreSales professionals. 

In this session, you’ll find out how Hero can help you to:

  • Manage workstreams and demonstrate impact across the business
  • Maximise win rates, enhance the forecast, and find more revenue
  • Prioritise the product roadmap with PreSales intel
  • Build trust with buyers in a transparent, collaborative workspace
  • Give your team AI superpowers with real-time, actionable insights

You’ll also receive a gift voucher before the virtual event so that you can grab a coffee, snack or drink on us whilst listening in! 

Please invite any colleagues that you think would be interested in learning more about Vivun too, we look forward to seeing you there. 

Guest Speakers

Brian Fenn

Senior Sales Engineer, Vivun


Welcome and Introductions







Why should I join?

This event will be packed full of great insights and learnings around how Vivun can help your PreSales team maximise their strategic impact

Can I invite my coworker?

Absolutely—the more, the merrier.

Please feel free to share the event with a few of your team members who you think might also get some value out of this conversation.