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A community for PreSales Directors

By joining the Xpert Community for PreSales Directors, leaders will find themselves surrounded by their peers in the industry and be able to leverage their knowledge and experience.

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To ensure a discrete, comfortable space where strategic and potentially sensitive discussions can take place, the community is only for Director-level PreSales leaders. There’s no need to worry that either your boss or your team is listening in.

Truly, The Xpert Community for Directors is like no other in that PreSales leaders can get a window into the strategies and lives of their peers.

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  • Private director-only Slack workspace
  • In-person events such as executive dinners, Top Golf, sporting events, etc
  • Virtual events such as webinars & conferences
  • Invite to monthly director thought leadership discussions


If you are in PreSales and have a Director title, you can join!
No, the community is for all PreSales Leaders, not just Vivun customers. Additionally, our community maintains a strict no-selling policy. Vivun products may come up in conversation, however, it will not be pushed from the XC team.
Members can participate as much or as little as they’d like. The is no requirement in relation to how much time you have to give.
There is no cost for members to join the community. The community will pay for all events, however, if any travel is required it will be on members to pay for travel to events.
Not on slack? Have you tried downloading the app on your device? Otherwise, we do send out updates via email and so as long as you are registered as a member in the community, you will receive email updates with all the community information you need.
As long as your new role has a Director title, you can stay in the community. Otherwise, you may be asked to move to our VP community or potentially leave XC. To ensure the space is safe for other Directors, we have to maintain a title requirement for leaders.
As long as they fit the title requirements, they are more than welcome to join.