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Evolving PreSales Models: The Operational Underpinnings of Expanding PreSales Influence Across the C-Suite

September 28th
10am PT | 1pm ET

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Max Verma

With demands for PreSales expertise increasing throughout the customer journey, more than ever before, your team holds the key to a broad range of insights that impact your entire company. It can be challenging to not only get other department heads and C-Suite leaders to listen to and value the voice of PreSales, but also to operationalize a process for collecting and sharing these insights organization-wide.

In Part 2 of our Evolving Presales Models Series, join Max Verma, Head of Presales Strategy and Innovation, for a discussion about how Seismic implemented a Power of Insights program to make Presales the center of influence in forecasting, deal risk decisions, product roadmapping, and beyond.

As you plan for 2024, learn how to systematically prove your value internally; frame PreSales data for each C-Suite leader; convince other departments to value PreSales as a strategic partner in more than just winning deals; and evolve into a data-driven Business Unit of buyer and customer Insights.

Guest Speakers

Max Verma

Head of PreSales Strategy & Innovation, Seismic

Dominique Darrow

CCO, Vivun


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Yes, this event is exclusive to Xpert Community members. Apply here to join. 

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Please reach out to xpert-community@vivun.com.

Will there be a recording of the session?

Yes, all attendees will receive a recording. All XC members will receive an Executive Summary of key discussion points.