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Atlassian's Go-to-Market Playbook

April 26th
10:00am PT

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Chris Gengl on Atlassian's GTM Playbook

Fresh off his recent webinar with Matt Darrow, Atlassian’s Head of Sales Strategy & Analytics Chris Gengl visits XC Live to talk about the Atlassian go-to-market playbook.

Join an intimate conversation with Matt and Chris as we discuss modern GTM motions and how they can drive efficient growth — and how PreSales is an essential component of the strategy.

Walk away with a deep understanding of the Atlassian “recipe for success” — including higher sales quotas, how the product as as the first stop in the customer’s journey, and how AE/SE ratios might be turned upside down.

Guest Speakers

Chris Gengl

Head of Sales Strategy & Analytics, Atlassian

Dominique Darrow

CCO, Vivun

Matt Darrow

CEO, Vivun


Do I have to be a member of the Xpert Community to Attend?

Yes, this event is exclusive to Xpert Community members. Apply here to join. 

I am an XC member and I didnt get the calendar invite—how do I attend?

Please reach out to dominique.darrow@vivun.com

Will there be a recording of the session?

Yes, the recording will be shared with XC members in the XC Slack workspace.