XC Members Only:

Driving Efficiency & Success in 2023

June 29th
9am EST/12pm EST

Join us for an exclusive conversation with John Care

With an ever-changing market landscape and the evolving demands of today’s buyers, the role of PreSales teams in 2023 has become more crucial than ever. Join us for an exclusive session with esteemed industry expert, John Care, as he makes his debut appearance at XC Live. Get ready for an immersive experience, where we will explore the art of embracing change and fostering innovation to drive operational efficiencies, overhaul outdated processes, and cultivate an adaptable team.

In this dynamic virtual discussion, John Care will dive into a framework for maximizing PreSales team efficiency and ensuring consistent success using the powerful SCAMPER model. Through sharing real-world examples and practical insights, we hope to arm you with new tools and practical applications you can apply as you refine your approach to PreSales operations.

Guest Speakers

John Care

Author & Managing Director, Mastering Technical Sales

Dominique Darrow

CCO, Vivun


Do I have to be a member of the Xpert Community to Attend?

Yes, this event is exclusive to Xpert Community members. Apply here to join. 

I am an XC member and I didnt get the calendar invite—how do I attend?

Please reach out to dominique.darrow@vivun.com

Will there be a recording of the session?

Yes, the recording will be shared with XC members in the XC Slack workspace.