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Welcome to the fastest growing network of PreSales leaders. Where learning, networking and sharing happen in incredible new ways. At Vivun our mission is to unlock the power of PreSales. Our community is making that a reality.

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Waves Chris Streit

“It’s a great way to connect with like-minded sales engineering leadership, and explore the experiences of professionals trying to solve the exact same problems.”

Chris Streit

VP, Solutions Consulting

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Retreats and Workshops


Concierge Connection

We work tirelessly to pair you up 1:1 with the people who can add the most value


Virtual Events

Thought leaders dive deep into critical topics with open audience participation



Multi-day exec offsites arming you with proprietary content and insights


Always-on Networking

Communicate with your peers and community leaders anytime



2 to 3 hour in-person sessions hosted in a city near you

Hosted by Vivun's Co-Founder

As the Chief Customer Officer and co-founder of Vivun, Dominique Darrow leads the Xpert Community, overseeing all its facets including community programming as well as facilitating networking opportunities online and in person with the ultimate goal of building strong connections between members.

Dominique Darrow

Chief Customer Officer

Dominique Darrow


If you are in PreSales and have a VP title, you can join! We are also working on a Directors community so please reach out to us if you're a Director or Head as well.
No, the community is for all PreSales Leaders, not just Vivun customers. Additionally, our community maintains a strict no-selling policy. Vivun products may come up in conversation, however, it will not be pushed from the XC team.
Members can participate as much or as little as they’d like. There is no requirement in relation to how much time you have to give.
There is no cost for members to join the community. The community will pay for all events. If any travel is required it will be on members to pay for travel to events.
Not on slack? Have you tried downloading the app on your device? Otherwise, we do send out updates via email and so as long as you are registered as a member in the community, you will receive email updates with all the community information you need.
As long as your new role has a VP title, you can stay in the community. Otherwise, you may be asked to move to our director community or potentially leave XC. To ensure the space is safe for other VPs, we have to maintain a title requirement for leaders.
As long as they fit the title requirements, they are more than welcome to join.