Give your PreSales Team an AI Advantage

Vivun’s PreSales Platform uses AI to augment and retain your PreSales knowledge, making it accessible and actionable for smarter, faster decisions and task automation.

PreSales is Complex

If AI is going to help your team navigate the intricacies of every nuanced deal, explainability is key. People don’t trust black boxes for advice on critical decisions.

You Need to Win Now

It takes time to learn what wins—but Vivun already knows. Preserving institutional knowledge with AI can help your team scale success even faster.

Change is Constant

What wins today may not work tomorrow. To get an edge over the competition, use AI-driven insights to evolve your products and better serve buyers' needs.

Capture and Augment Tribal Knowledge

The best PreSales professionals have a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed. What if you could effortlessly share that experience with others, while making them even better?

We’ve synthesized the world of PreSales into a knowledge representation that is the backbone of our Artificial Intelligence. Grounding our AI models in real PreSales experience produces recommendations you can trust—whether for winning more deals, ramping the team faster, or building repeatable processes that scale.


Work the Right Deals, the Right Way, Every Time

The Hero Score measures the technical conscience of a deal with AI powered by a Bayesian Network and Expert System, explained by Natural Language Generation (NLG).


Spend Time Where it Counts, Automate the Rest

Let Calendar Intelligence automate activity tracking with machine learning. Teams get recognized for their work and managers get visibility to help ICs drive impact.


Drive Product-Field Alignment Faster and Easier

The Product Gap Library is the source of truth to capture, aggregate, and measure gaps using clustering algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP), accelerating insights to action.

Vivun Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Learn How AI Powers Vivun

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AI-Powered Features Highlights

Calendar Intelligence

Remove the team's burden of tracking work on specific deals. Automatically identify when scheduled calendar events belong to sales opportunities.

Hero Score

Elevate the technical conscience of every deal with explainable AI. Leverage critical inputs like product fit, differentiation, and competition.

Product Gap Clustering

Accelerate product insights when patterns and trends emerge from feedback collected in the field. Streamline review, prioritization, and development.

Product Gap Analysis

Automatically search, match, and avoid duplicating product gaps on the fly when capturing feature requests from prospective buyers and customers.