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Automate demos, align sales and product teams, and de-risk the forecast on a single, AI-powered platform built to optimize PreSales execution.

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Industry Leaders Get Results with Vivun

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37% Increase in Technical Win Rates
31% Decrease in Sales Cycle Time
$3B In Product Gap Opportunities Recognized
95% Faster Time to Insight
10% Increase in Time Spent Selling

Level Up Your PreSales Team

PreSales teams perform a wide range of activities to drive modern go-to-market strategies. Vivun elevates PreSales with abilities and insights that demonstrate undisputed value.

The Only Unified, AI-Powered PreSales platform designed for PreSales Teams


Scale Teams

Manage the unique work technical selling teams do to win larger deals faster. Support sales motions, allocate resources, manage tasks and standardize technical sales processes for the entire team to follow. Integrate with Email/Calendaring tools, collaboration solutions and Salesforce to drive unparalleled PreSales efficiency and effectiveness.
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Reduction of Administrative Tasks The Impact: Higher Coverage Ratios, Lower Cost of Sales, Higher PreSales Team Satisfaction

De-Risk Sales Forecasts

Leverage the unique purview of Sales Engineers to provide a technical point of view of the pipeline to improve forecast accuracy. Salesforce integration means working in a platform that has analyzed hundreds of thousands of opportunities and millions of PreSales activities to provide technical win coaching on what actions to take to close opportunities as planned.
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Eliminate Forecast Variance
The Impact: Increased accuracy, improved efficiency, and higher profitability.

Align Sales & Product

Capture, centralize and cluster product feature requests from the field, and calculate the revenue impact of product investments to validate or re-prioritize roadmaps. Salesforce and Product Life-Cycle Management tool integration means reviving Closed-Loss opportunities when feature gaps are closed.
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in Product Gap Opportunities Identified The Impact: Higher Usage and Adoption, Higher Cross-Sell Revenue, Expanded Total Addressable Markets

Deliver More Demos

Create, customize and collaborate on product demonstrations and interactive experiences with guidance and overlays to land your value stories. Touch every member of the buying team with contextual showcases and measure audience engagement with insights to know what is resonating and what needs work.
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Reduction in Sales Cycle Time The Impact: Eliminate Ad-Hoc and Unqualified Demo Support, Higher Conversion Rates, Shorter Sales Cycles

Demonstrate PreSales Impact

Run efficient and effective sales motions with insights and analytics to inform revenue leaders on the ways to improve their sales processes. Take immediate action with best practice metrics and dashboards built on Vivun’s time-series data warehouse and analytics model. Answer new questions to create new efficiencies.
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Faster Time to Insights The Impact: Higher sales attainment and lower cost of sale

The Vivun Intelligence System

With decades of invaluable PreSales expertise, industry best practices, and insights gained from managing thousands of opportunities and millions of activities, we’ve harnessed the collective wisdom of the world’s largest PreSales expert community.

The result? A system that forms the bedrock of our AI/ML recommendations, helping you unlock the potential of your sales engineers and embark on a journey towards greater success.

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SE Copilot

Ready to revolutionize your sales team’s performance? Meet your new ally in the world of PreSales: an advanced AI-powered system designed to optimize, automate, align, and analyze every facet of your sales process.

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