Align Priorities. Drive Growth.

It Takes Two

Vivun empowers the Sales Engineers to bridge the gap between sales and product teams to align priorities and drive growth.

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The Fastest Growing Companies Accelerate with Vivun

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3x Increase in Team Capacity
15% Increase in Tech Win Rate
25% Decrease in Sales Cycle Time
$5B In Product Gap Opportunities Recognized
95% Faster Time to Insight

Bridge Insights and Feedback to Deliver Better Products


Product Field Alignment

Collect, triage, and categorize product gaps to support product development prioritization and ensure alignment with market demands, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and driving competitive advantage.
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Demo Automation

Simplify, accelerate, and scale demo creation and delivery to reduce workloads and accelerate sales cycles, enabling your team to focus on high-value interactions and closing deals faster.
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Technical Sales Execution

Scale technical coverage and optimize your technical sales process to improve efficiency and technical win rates by ensuring that your technical resources are strategically deployed and effectively utilized.
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