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B2B Selling Must Change

Old school sales tactics no longer work. Buyers want to get hands-on with your products and engage with experts from the start.

  • agreements

    Build trust through transparency.

    Buyers and vendors must define expectations, collaborate on requirements, and hold each other accountable.

  • Elevator

    Give immediate access to products that fit.

    Winning solutions must be easy to use from the start. They must meet business needs and deliver value faster than the alternatives.

  • Scale the efforts of
    your solution experts.

    Buyers need a trusted advisor. Differentiate their experience with Solutions Org strategy, resourcing and impact.

  • Provide buyers with the
    autonomy they need.

    Support your champions in running their own processes and driving consensus when you aren’t in the room or on the zoom.

Today's Buyers are Sales-Proof

  • “[Selling] requires technical chops and often deeper vertical expertise…to win customer confidence.”

  • “Souping up the presales engine can yield a five-point improvement in conversion rates, a 6-13% improvement in revenue, [and] 10-20% in the speed of the sales process.”

  • “Companies that deliver great buying experiences grow twice as fast as their competition.”

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