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PreSales Operations

Winning when Every Deal Has to Count

Consistency is key for efficiently getting the technical win. Vivun enables workflows aligned to best practices the entire PreSales team can follow. AI automations give the team more selling time with less management overhead. More wins with the same team? We won’t argue with that. Learn more
95% Snowflake
Reduction in Time Spent On Manual Activities The Result: More time spent driving consumption
Product-Field Alignment

Recover Revenue You Can’t Afford to Lose

Product roadmaps need to drive revenue now. Vivun enables PreSales teams to centralize all feature requests from the field to prioritize what to build in order to move the needle. AI-driven large language models quickly find new patterns and tie revenue to requests. The result is smarter roadmaps Sales and Product can get behind to close business today. Learn more
$16M Recorded Future
In Revenue Impact The Result: Additional ARR recovered from new product initiatives.
Demo Automation

Perfect Demos with Fewer Resources

Even when teams are tasked to “do more with less,” PreSales still has to deliver incredible, compelling demos. Vivun helps them do it at scale. Our easy, interactive demo automation enables them to manage standard demos, quickly customize demos to prospects and put “harbor tours” safely in the hands of Sales. Share engaging demos that go viral without chasing schedules for a live meeting. Learn more
Cost savings per demo The Result: More demos to more prospects without increasing headcount

New Insights for Efficient Growth

It takes two to drive revenue – Sales and PreSales. Running an efficient go-to-market strategy means optimizing both. Vivun provides a unique, net new data set from PreSales to tell revenue leaders what they really need to know about their sales process. Get insights and take action faster with best practice metrics and dashboards built on Vivun’s time-series data warehouse and analytics model. Answer new questions to create new efficiencies. Learn more
Reimagined Role of PreSales
The Result: Higher sales attainment and lower cost of sale

Vivun AI for PreSales

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Creating efficiencies for future growth means leveraging AI to augment workflows and bring precision to every department in the company. Vivun is the AI pioneer for PreSales, utilizing large language models and ensemble AI techniques which are the backbone of new services like GPT. By applying general purpose AI innovations to the specific domain of PreSales, Vivun can dramatically increase the impact of every Solutions Consultant.

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Quote We find that once our customers experience our AI capabilities, they can’t imagine going back to a world of spreadsheets and CRMs.
Joe MIller
Vivun Chief Data Scientist

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