Align Sales & Product

Maximize the ROI of Your R&D Team

Foster better communication between Sales and Product. Seamlessly collect product feedback from your buyers and customers, then confidently tie it to business impact to inform more revenue-centric roadmaps.

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Capture Feature Requests

Quickly alert Sales to deal-breakers and inform R&D of product-related revenue opportunity by logging feature requests from buyers, and tying them directly to active opportunities that PreSales is working on.

Spot Emerging Market Needs

Deliver valuable prioritization insights and spot trends before your competitors do. With AI-powered feature request clustering, Vivun continuously analyzes, classifies, and creates groupings of feature requests to help Product teams separate signal from noise.

Revive Revenue

Reopen opportunities, drive mutual accountability between Sales and Product, and boost confidence in roadmap delivery by alerting the field when product updates impacting previously lost deals have shipped.

Bring Product Insights Straight to R&D

Break down organizational silos and converge multiple sources of data to create more revenue-centric roadmaps. Leverage multiple PLM integrations to put feature request data from Vivun directly into the hands of your R&D team.

Identify Incredible Revenue Opportunity with Vivun 

Align the Product and Field teams for improved collaboration and successful product launches to drive faster time to market, increased customer adoption, and higher revenue. 

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Henry Sowell

"We've impacted over $80M in addressed gaps using Vivun."

Henry Sowell SVP Solution Engineering Operations