UNXPCTD: The Free Industry Event for GTM Teams

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Revenue driving teams–growth, product experts, solutions engineers, sales, and more–have to get creative to meet the demands of today’s new buyers. For that reason, Vivun is hosting a free virtual conference on May 25th at 8:30 AM PT, and we want you to join us!

We’re gathering the best in the industry to network and share creative ideas for building a better B2B buyer experience including a Keynote led by G2’s Co-Founder and CEO Godard Abel who will unveil new research and best practices.

Learn how to win over today’s sales-proof buyers.

Over the course of the last few years, buyers have evolved and resisted the standard selling motions that companies forced on them. They no longer buy from salespeople themselves, trusting the relationship and the person to deliver the desired outcome.

Given that 77% of B2B buyers stated their last purchase was “very complex or difficult” (Gartner), the buyer experience must change—and it will take unexpected approaches to create a better buyer experience.

Vivun is doing something different, and in turn, we’re providing a much different experience than you might expect. Whether you work in PreSales, Revenue, Product, or GTM you can expect to walk away from this half-day session with actionable insights for improving your customer experience. 

Join UNXPCTD to redefine the buyer experience.

B2B buyers live and learn about software in a virtual world and the aftermath of the pandemic has only made that more true. While we’re excited to bring this event one day live and in person, we’re using the digital world we live in to create an exciting and interactive event that everyone can enjoy. 

Naturally, a great experience is paramount to us—you can expect nothing less when you join us in May. Attendees will enjoy surprises, virtual interactive activities, and face to face conversation with speakers and peers and access to our free community of PreSales leaders.

What to Xpect.

We have a sweet lineup of speakers with four game-changing sessions on our two-hour agenda. Sign up to learn from the experts.

B2B buyers have changed. They no longer buy from salespeople themselves, trusting the relationship and the person to deliver the desired outcome. Instead, they’re sales-proof and now demand a “sure thing.” Learn how to deliver value at every step, total transparency, and the ability to run the sales process their way—as opposed to being held at arm’s length from a product and unable to discover if its capabilities meet their requirements.

In B2B, modern revenue-generating activities stretch far beyond the scope of traditional sales teams. Buyers are under pressure to solve their business problems quickly, cost-effectively, and autonomously. They need detailed information about your product, proof that it meets their goals, and solutions experts to deliver a path to value. The keynote attendees will walk away from UNXPCTD inspired to create a new GTM strategy centered around the buyer experience.

Only PreSales can deliver what modern B2B buyers need to feel confident signing a deal. The growing demand for this strategic function means that its leaders must be prepared to scale up teams rapidly. Revenue growth depends on it. The audience will walk away from this session with a plan for creating a better buyer experience and earning a seat for PreSales at the executive table.

Prospects want to try before they buy. This truth manifests in the form of solution evaluations–call them free users, free trials, proofs of concept (POCs), or pilots–these critical engagements drive the revenue growth engine. In this session, you will learn how to build a 2-pronged GTM motion where solutions expertise and Product-led Growth (PLG) connect “Top Down” and “Bottom-Up” selling strategies.

Learn. Connect. Share with GTM Leaders.

Attendees will learn, connect, and share their ideas for redefining how we build and sell modern B2B solutions. Buyers have become sales-proof and want to run processes their way. GTM leaders must learn how to deliver a new buyer experience on a foundation of total transparency, value at every stage, and a “sure thing”.

We’ve gathered the best GTM minds and leaders for four tailored sessions to help you unlock new ideas and accelerate wins. 

Save your seat for an unforgettable half-day virtual conference on May 25!

Expect the UNXPCTD!

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