Demo Automation

Perfect Demos with Fewer Resources

PreSales always has to deliver incredible demos. Vivun helps them do it at scale with easy, interactive demo automation.


Erik Papir


Erik Papir

Deliver More Demos with Less Effort

Say goodbye to configuring environments, importing fake data, and tedious cleanup of golden demo orgs. Vivun makes demo automation easy with fast, simple screen capture that emulates your entire product in minutes. Edit the data on-screen to quickly tailor and tell the perfect story, and describe product value through engaging text and video elements. No coding required.

Increase PreSales Capacity

Demos are a strategic activity, but PreSales time should be spent on nailing the technical win and helping their sales counterparts close the deal. With Vivun, PreSales can deliver perfect demos with high velocity. The entire Sales team can now generate more revenue without adding headcount.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Vivun enables your PreSales team to reduce friction in the sales cycle through interactive demos delivered across the entire customer journey. Buyers are able to fully immerse themselves in the product, then sell the value back to their stakeholders without your sales team being present. From top of the funnel exploration to a purchasing overview for the economic buyer, Vivun’s demo capabilities dramatically accelerate time-to-close.

Identify Winning Patterns

With Vivun, you’re able to understand the impact of your demos. Who is engaging with them? Are the demos being shared, and with whom? Which demos and use cases have the most impact on buyer engagement? These insights are then shared across Vivun’s platform, helping you incorporate winning patterns into your overall go-to-market strategy.
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Quote We chose Vivun because it hit all the marks.
Frederique Slevin
Head of Worldwide Solutions
Consulting, ACI

Key Capabilities


Emulate your entire product in minutes as the base to build your demo


Update on-screen data elements to quickly tailor and tell the perfect story


Describe product value through engaging text and video elements


Let your demo go viral within an account or provide an individual experience


Identify your strongest champions and the most engaging demos


Centralize winning demos for easy access and a golden baseline for customization