The Vivun Xpert Series:

The Evolution of PreSales with Natasja Bax

On Demand

Adapting to Meet the Demands of Modern B2B Buyers

Join us at the newest Xpert Series virtual meetup where industry leaders, innovators, and coaches discuss the revolutionary methods they employ to solve complex problems in PreSales. First up, Natasja Bax.

Buyer journeys have evolved and companies must adapt to the new modern buyer if they wish to survive—making PreSales more strategic than ever. With the shift in B2B selling and escalated importance for PreSales we must ask ourselves: What will it take to excel at the next stage of PreSales?

The owner of The DemoScene, Natasja Bax, has been tracking the PreSales Evolution and will be joining us April 28 at 14:00 GMT for a fireside chat-style discussion about where PreSales has come and where it is continuing to go. This session will be live & interactive so come prepared with questions and an open mind to the future of PreSales.

To make this virtual event just as special as an in-person meetup, we’ll send you a voucher for dinner, drinks, or whatever else you fancy as our way of saying “thanks” for joining the conversation.

Guest Speakers

Natasja Bax

Owner & Coach, The DemoScene

Brian Fenn

Senior Sales Engineer, Vivun


Welcome & Introducitons


Discussion w/ Natasja

The Evolution of PreSales

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