Interactive PreSales Impact at a Glance


Communicating the state of your PreSales team to other departments in your organization is critical to proving PreSales’ value and commitment to influencing revenue. We created a one-page PreSales Impact at a Glance asset for PreSales leaders to enter PreSales data that makes exchanging information at interdepartmental meetings and QBRs as quick and seamless as possible. The PreSales Impact at Glance asset breaks down PreSales data into six categories: influence on revenue, key competitive wins and losses, SE efficiency, key product gaps, personnel stats, and long-term success metrics.

With this data-driven approach to communicating PreSales’ impact, you can advocate for your team to increase headcount, reveal how PreSales impacts your company’s bottom line, assert that specific product gaps need to be closed to win business, and more.

Download our PreSales Impact at a Glance asset to share PreSales’ value in interdepartmental meetings today!