Hero by Vivun® Elevates PreSales with the Power of AI

Bring Product and Sales together for the first time. With PreSales at the center of influence, your company can do amazing things.

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Your Deals. Your Way.

Tackle work in your context using configurable PreSales stages and funnels. Relevant data syncs with Salesforce in real time.


Influence over the Roadmap

When your team captures product gaps in Hero, they’re aggregated, prioritized, and integrated with systems like Jira for quick action by Product.


A Forecast for PreSales

Let data science do the work to rank opportunities on their technical merit. Everything is explained in plain English—there’s no Black Box.


Performance Visibility

Reward top performers and develop your next superstars. Hero delivers the metrics that matter like win rates, support ratios, and efficiency.


Automation Where It Counts

Spend time driving wins and less time on repetitive, low-value tasks like manual activity tracking and creating deliverables from scratch.

Girl Hero

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Hero Volume 1

2008 called, and they want your release notes back. It's time for a new way to explore products, so dive into the riveting world of Vivun's Hero Chronicles. In Volume 1, you'll learn how we use AI and automation to power the PreSales Revolution.

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How Hero Powers Next-Gen PreSales Teams

Hero Score®

The technical conscience for every deal, quantified and explained

Product Gap Library

Source of truth to define, cluster, and measure product gaps

Configurable Funnel

A view of in-flight work such as accounts, deliverables, and opportunities

Resource Allocation

Rules-based team member request, approval, and assignment

Calendar Intelligence

Automated matching of calendar events to activities

Deliverable Automation

Easy-to-manage templates that establish and enforce best practices

Team Analytics

Time series metrics for win rates, efficiency, utilization, velocity, and more

Product Gap Analytics

Time series metrics for revenue, frequency, competitive, and industry trends

Collaborative Notes

Real-time note taking across multiple team members

Seamless Integrations

Tightly integrated with your systems like Salesforce, Jira, and productivity suites