Vivun Launches Revel, a New Solution for Delivering Immersive Buyer Experiences at Scale

Revel Enables Companies to Provide Immediate Access to Digital Products while Delivering On-Demand Expertise

November 09, 2022

OAKLAND, Calif., Nov. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Business to business (B2B) selling is under siege. Not only are deal cycles slowing due to macro-economic pressures, but buyers themselves have never been more “sales proof” – resistant to engaging with salespeople yet demanding to have full access to the product without restrictions. Under pressure to make their number, sales reps keep up the attack and barrage prospects with antiquated tools and techniques. It doesn’t work.

Solution Teams, composed of roles such as sales engineers, solution consultants, and presales experts, can resolve this standoff by acting as the perfect bridge between the buyer and the product. And that’s why it’s never been more important for Solutions teams to ruthlessly prioritize their focus. They need to be pulled into fewer deals so they can focus on the most important ones, they need to scale their expertise, and they need to empower champions to spread the word without a salesperson present. At the same time, this team faces tremendous headwinds trying to meet the needs of today’s sales-proof buyer – who demands information about products and capabilities at their own pace.

Vivun, the world’s first Buyer Experience platform, today announced the launch of its third product Revel, designed to provide both immediate access to digital products as well as embedded, on-demand expertise for potential buyers. Revel enables buyers to gain product information at their own pace and their own time, while equipping Solutions and other revenue-driving teams such as Sales and Marketing with an easy-to-use method for evangelizing product capabilities and communicating value.

With Revel, revenue-driving teams can easily:

  • Provide an interactive, hands-on experience with their organization’s product
  • Deliver a tailored product overview to set the stage prior to sales meetings
  • Communicate the exact story they want to tell by quickly modifying on-screen data
  • Enable champions to help gain allies for a purchasing decision, even without a salesperson in the room
  • Form deep relationships with buyers through interactions within the product experience

According to Gartner, by 2025 80% of B2B interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. Revel is a perfect harbinger of that trend through its ability to give buyers hands-on access, product expertise, and an easy way to sell a product internally – all asynchronously, and without needing to be beholden to a salesperson for product access.

Revel is part of the family of products that sits on the Vivun platform. Hero provides the ability to run, measure, and manage Solutions teams globally. Eval equips Sales and Solutions teams with the ability to run transparent, collaborative evaluations. Together, the Vivun family of products is designed to win over today’s sales-proof buyer by delivering an incredible experience – having far more impact in terms of deal acceleration than outdated techniques such as call recordings or email sequencing. The Vivun platform is built for the new world where buyers will only become customers if they are able to engage with sellers in a way that’s empowering and transparent.

“Vivun was always intended to be a platform of products that can be used standalone, but complement each other and magnify each other’s impact. Revel is our third product that stands on that platform, and I’m excited to empower Solutions teams and their revenue-driving counterparts with the most modern, easy-to-use solution in the market for communicating product capabilities at scale,” said Matt Darrow, Vivun co-founder & CEO. “B2B buying has changed forever, and it’s only by enhancing the Buyer Experience will organizations be able to continue to grow and capture market share.”

About Vivun
Vivun is a global provider of Buyer Experience (BX) software. Its AI-powered platform supports a family of products that enable B2B businesses to meet the demands of today’s “Sales-Proof” buyer, delivering incredible experiences that help companies stand out from the competition and accelerate revenue. With Solutions teams at the forefront of the Buyer Experience movement, organizations can now grow and manage their Solutions teams globally, run transparent and collaborative evaluations, provide immediate access to products that fit, and deliver on-demand product expertise at massive scale. Customers include Autodesk, Dell, Snowflake, Elastic, Fivetran, and Harness. To learn more visit

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