Vivun Snags Thierry D’Hers as its Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering

July 19, 2022

D’Hers will focus on expanding the Vivun platform to meet the demands of today’s “Sales-Proof” buyer

OAKLAND, Calif. , July 19, 2022  — Vivun, the world’s first Buyer Experience platform that enables B2B companies to meet the demands of today’s “Sales-Proof” buyer, today announced that Thierry D’Hers as joined the company as its Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering, focused on expanding the Vivun platform. Leveraging PreSales as the tip of the spear, Vivun’s portfolio of solutions arms companies with an unfair advantage at standing out from their competition and accelerating revenue.

Vivun has been selling for three years and has become one of the top 1% of startups based on growth across all dimensions. In its most recent fiscal year, Vivun:

  • Grew ARR over 4x
  • Surpassed 130 employees by expanding its team members by 120%
  • Increased its customer count by over 160%
  • Earned a Cool Vendor award from Gartner

Thierry’s credentials include executive leadership positions at Microsoft, Tableau, and Google. His plans include double digit hiring for the engineering team across the entire world, as Vivun is a 100% remote company and sources great talent from all over the globe.

In this Q&A, Thierry explains “Why Vivun” and “Why Now.”

  • Thierry, why did you choose to join Vivun at this time in your career?

I call this the 3 strike-IN story.

When I first heard about Vivun, I went to the web site to learn more about the vision and product. My interest was piqued by the clarity and boldness of the mission in a greenfield market. Strike 1 was the Mission.

I then went to the Culture page and loved the video at the bottom where the founders talk about their beliefs and values in a candid and transparent way. Every conversation since has confirmed that these values are real and lived daily – not just a vapid wall poster. That was strike 2.

Finally I looked at the Careers page and talked with the founders about how they are entering a significant growth phase after closing their series C investment. That was strike 3.

Great mission with a promising product. Charismatic founders focused on a healthy team culture. The start of an amazing growth phase. That did it for me: 3 strikes and I’m IN.

  • Most of your career has been in Enterprise BI software. What do you find exciting about a Buyer experience SaaS platform?

I started in PreSales myself early in my career at Hyperion Software (now Oracle). So I could project myself back into some of these workflows and remember how PreSales sits between Product and Sales.

I also knew that I would have loved to have a product like Vivun when I was leading product and engineering at Tableau. The product gap feedback from the field was sparse and not supported by quantitative data.

The world is more and more run on software for pretty much everything. Improving the buyer experience will benefit everyone – the vendors and the buyers. It’s a win-win. That reality inspires me to get out of bed each morning.

  • Why should folks consider joining Vivun?

First, it’s an emerging category without an existing enterprise solution. Our main competition is custom-build solutions or Excel. In such a nascent space, there is unparalleled opportunity to do incredible work.

It’s also a resilient space. In a booming economy you need more PreSales to support the increased demand of your product; in a down economy, you need to better optimize your existing PreSales team and increase their efficiencies. The Vivun solution is strategically important in any economy.

It’s a fun team. We are building a great experience for vendors and buyers alike, and we are doing it while having fun and growing the organization.

  • What would be two words you would use to describe the opportunities ahead at Vivun?

Fun. Growth.

This is a unique time to jump aboard a fast-growth company where careers can take off in significant and in rapid ways. We do things a little differently at Vivun. We are a fully remote company, yet we get together in outdoorsy locations multiple times a year to bond and have fun as a team. Come learn about our Fresh Air Friday, Quiet periods, and other benefits at Vivun.

Please join us! Engineering professionals from all backgrounds and skill sets are encouraged to apply directly on Vivun’s website.

About Vivun
Vivun is a global provider of Buyer Experience (BX) software. Its AI-powered platform supports a family of products that enable B2B businesses to meet the demands of today’s “Sales-Proof” buyer, delivering incredible experiences that help companies stand out from the competition and accelerate revenue. With PreSales at the forefront of the Buyer Experience movement, organizations can now align sales with product, provide repeatable workflows for their solution experts, and deliver on-demand product expertise. Customers include Autodesk, Dell, Snowflake, Elastic, Fivetran, and Harness. To learn more visit

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