Vivun Spring Launch Strengthens Collaboration between Sales and Product with New Generative AI Capabilities 

San Francisco, California – (April 25, 2024) – Vivun, the provider of the world’s leading technical sales execution platform, today announced the launch of new capabilities enabling Sales and Product leaders to drive more revenue-centric product roadmaps, and a new body of research empowering Chief Revenue Officers with unparalleled insights into the technical sales process.  

Now armed with the power of Generative AI, companies using Vivun are better equipped to deliver the best products, and ensure strategic alignment between Sales and Product.

  • Request Capture in VivunOne is now upgraded with the latest advancements in Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to seamlessly translate customer feedback into actionable Product Gaps. 
  • New Integrations for VivunOne with Jira, Productboard and Aha! allow sales teams to interface with Product more effectively by bringing revenue-weighted product feedback right to where Product Managers work. 
  • Hero Score now allows sales teams using Vivun to forecast even more accurately than ever, with predictions on deal health that take product gaps into account alongside technical sales activities. 
  • Xpert Analytics provides new dashboards that give the Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Product Officer shared insights to unblock pipeline, prevent churn, and accelerate deal cycles with one source of truth from the field. 

“Access to the operational insights we need to drive flawless sales execution and build the products our customers want is highly important to us,” explained Ed Calnan, Chief Revenue Officer and President, SOCi. “VivunOne enables us to validate that we’re doing the right things in our sales process to maximize team capacity and secure wins faster.”

Furthermore, Vivun announced the release of Technical Sales Insights, which combines the power of the Vivun Intelligence System with the anonymized, aggregated analytics from hundreds of the world’s leading software companies to provide revenue leaders with the knowledge needed to turn traditional go-to-market challenges into opportunities. 

“Securing the technical win is the most critical step of the sales process, consuming up to 80% of sales cycle effort – yet investments into improving technical win rates are less than 10% of sales leader investment,” said Matthew Darrow, CEO, Vivun. “With today’s launch of Technical Sales Insights, we are putting new data into the hands of Sales and PreSales teams, so they can achieve unprecedented go-to-market success.” 

Vivun is the leading Technical Sales Execution platform, dedicated to helping companies win faster with fewer resources. Vivun is the first and only vendor to have modeled the entire technical sales process and created an expert system that uses Generative AI to give sales teams new capabilities, recommendations and insights. VivunOne is a suite of solutions helping customers like Snowflake, ADP, Coupa, Elastic, Seismic, and Docusign build better products, deliver and scale demos, and operationalize their sales process to increase technical capacity, boost win rates, and lift average deal sizes while reducing sales cycles. 

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