Vivun PSIOps™ Platform

AI-Powered PreSales Intel and Ops
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Vivun is enterprise-ready and
adheres to the highest security standards

The Vivun PSIOps™ Platform provides the central place where PreSales does their work, allowing them to effectively manage their individual and team efforts, align sales with product, and communicate their value.

Seamless Integrations

Frictionless, bi-directional syncs with Salesforce, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, and collaboration tools.


Easily tailored to an enterprise environment and your unique business processes.

Security Certifications

SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001.

Elastic Scalability

Built on AWS and designed for massive scale, Vivun can meet the demands of the world's biggest enterprises.

The Vivun PSIOps™ Platform

A Reliable and Scalable Data Layer

Vivun makes the unique PreSales data set accessible across your entire organization via enterprise-ready integrations with your core systems. Our security, privacy, and availability standards allow you to get started quickly and scale safely.

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AI You can Understand and Trust

Far from being a black box, Vivun's AI uses machine learning models grounded in PreSales experience to produce recommendations you can trust, and clearly explains them using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG).

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Unlock the Power of PreSales

Team Management

Improve performance through data-driven coaching, scaling tribal knowledge, allocating the best team members for each deal, and identifying winning patterns.

Deal Collaboration

Increase productivity with a beautiful, integrated place for PreSales to centralize assets, update deals, share notes, and manage their work.

Technical Forecasting

Accelerate revenue by focusing on the sales opportunities with the best buyer fit, qualifying out low probability deals earlier and giving PreSales a voice in the forecast.

Product-Field Alignment

Drive insights from the field to product management (and back again) in order to uncover dormant revenue and build more qualified pipeline.

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“Tapping into presales intelligence has helped to prioritize product roadmap and push key initiatives with confidence.”


Built for PreSales, by PreSales

The Vivun platform fills a tremendous gap in the market. No solution has previously existed that supports the critical work that PreSales does. But with Vivun, PreSales leaders drive the company's direction.


Bring Product and Sales together for the first time. With PreSales at the center of influence, your company can do amazing things.

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Give your buyers a shared space to guide them through evaluations with transparency, trust, and a faster path to win.

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