Get New Insights for Efficient Growth

Vivun provides a unique, net new data set from PreSales that tell revenue leaders what they really need to know about their sales process.


Brent Krempges

VP of Solution and
Value Consulting

Brent Krempges

Your Favorite New Data Set

Running an efficient go-to-market strategy requires a comprehensive understanding of more than what your sales reps are doing. The PreSales processes that drive technical wins and product development priorities can uncover new ways to impact efficiency. If only leaders had the data. With Vivun, companies can tap into a unique and net new data set across Sales, PreSales and Product Management to unlock new insights to gain new advantages.

Time-Series Metrics Your CRM Can’t Deliver

Data rules the boardroom. But standing in the way of every key decision is a hard-to-decipher, point-in-time CRM database and a ticket queue of BI analysts. Vivun makes it easy. We  pre-calculate the most important metrics for efficient growth like workload, utilization, and efficiency. Our time-series metrics give leaders new vital signs into their business to accelerate decision-making and drive efficient go-to-market strategies.

Get a New Lens on Deal Risk

There is no shortage of sales forecasting tools. But companies are still missing their numbers, and they struggle with predictability. With Vivun, leaders can analyze deal risk in an entirely new way and leverage a completely new set of data. With a brand-new understanding of technical health, deal quality and coverage, sales teams finally understand which deals are likely to close.

Get Insights Immediately

Stop waiting on your IT, BI and data team. With Vivun, we’ve pre-built an entire time series data warehouse, enterprise data pipeline to deliver the data, best practice metrics, and dashboard accelerators which plug right into tools like Tableau and Power BI. Start taking action by answering new questions and creating new efficiencies.

Built in Deep Partnership with Snowflake

The speed and power of Vivun Analytics comes from our partnership with Snowflake and their data warehouse. Built for large-scale cloud and SaaS environments, Snowflake supports a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users and queries with near-unlimited, dedicated compute resources.
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Quote My team loves how Vivun amplifies the PreSales team and the voice of the field. It gives us the ability to have data-driven conversations where we can, in essence, drive the direction of the company.

Key Capabilities

Net new go-to-market data

New and unique data set from Sales to PreSales to Product

Time series data warehouse

Automatically snapshot data over time to enable the most valuable insights

Pre-Built PreSales metrics

Best practice metrics pre-defined and pre-calculated for immediate use

BI connect

If your BI tool can connect to Snowflake you can connect to Vivun Analytics

BI Accelerators

Best practice dashboard templates for companies using Tableau and PowerBI

Power user mode

Ask and answer new questions about your business