Introducing SE Copilot™

Sales Engineers, the trusted co-pilot of your sales team, now have an extraordinary companion dedicated to optimizing, automating, aligning, and analyzing every aspect of your sales process.


Actionable recommendations to help your team navigate the intricacies of every opportunity, with explainability at the forefront of its design.


To-the-point recommendations that make sense in the PreSales domain, not long-winded hallucinations.


Preserved institutional knowledge provides recommendations based on what has worked well for your organization.

The Vivun Intelligence System

Decades of PreSales expertise, industry best practices, thousands of opportunities managed, millions of activities and counsel from the world’s largest PreSales expert community codified into an expert system as the backbone of our AI/ML recommendations to manage and scale teams, win more deals, drive adoption, secure product fit and analyze performance.

Manage and Scale PreSales

Eliminate bias, optimize teams, and remove bottlenecks with automated team assignments and activity capture.

De-risk the Deal Line

Measure and communicate the technical fit of every opportunity in the pipeline and take steps to remove risk from the forecast.

Drive Product-Field Alignment

Capture, aggregate, and measure product feature requests to bring a revenue-centric perspective to the product roadmap planning process.

Vivun AI Powered Book

Elevate PreSales with Vivun’s AI-Powered Platform

Download this eBook to go deep on how we use data science to enhance your PreSales team's strategic impact.


AI-Powered Capabilities

Calendar Intelligence

Translate PreSales calendar events into the most relevant technical selling activities to provide new insight into team activity and performance without administrative overhead.

Smart Assignment

Quickly assign the optimal PreSales team member(s) to pursue opportunities based availability, experience and skill set to improve resource management and team performance.

TechWin Coaching

Deal summarization and recommended actions to improve conversion, increase forecast accuracy, and foster scalable and repeatable behaviors.

Feature Request Clustering

Automatically search, match, and avoid duplicating product gaps on the fly when capturing feature requests from prospective buyers and customers.