Vivun for Product Management Leaders

Deliver Revenue-Centric Roadmaps

Deliver Revenue-Centric Roadmaps


Building the Feedback Loop Can be a Challenge

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Resisting the Loudest Voice in the Room

How do you measure the revenue impact of a feature?

Ruthless Prioritization

How do you determine what features to prioritize development of?

Streamlining Request Management

How do you make sense of all the feature requests coming at the team?

Communicating to the Field

How do you communicate with the sales team when new features have been delivered?


Vivun Delivers Sales & Product Alignment

Feature Request Clustering spots patterns from noise to create alignment even at massive scale. Deliver roadmaps forward with a business case, not politics.

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CRM integration ties product gaps to in-flight opportunities and expansions. No more spreadsheets and custom trackers to document and share opportunities to close product gaps.

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Integrations with PLM tools like Jira and Aha! means Product teams work in their system of record and can inform Sales Engineers when new features are in the process of shipping.

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Vivun Helps PreSales Identify Incredible Revenue Opportunity

Vivun customers align the Product and Field teams for improved collaboration, faster time to market, increased customer adoption, and higher revenue.


Vivun has allowed us to prioritize enhancements that we would otherwise have missed. One of those features has positively affected ACV of over $5 million dollars.

Matt Hunter VP Products

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