Use Cases

What critical business initiatives benefit from the power of Vivun's PreSales Platform? Here are a few key examples.
Maximize R&D Investment

Take the guesswork out of your product roadmap

Vivun has allowed us to prioritize product enhancements that we would otherwise have missed, including one that affected over $5 million in ACV.”

Matt Hunter
VP Product, Branch

PreSales teams are the Product team’s eyes and ears in the field, but it’s hard to make sense of the mountains of raw feedback. Vivun can help. AI and automation accelerate the Product Gap Lifecycle from data intake to delivery. When Product delivers exactly what buyers want, the field accelerates revenue.

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Run PreSales Efficiently

Optimize team performance and prove their strategic value

Get visibility into the team’s efforts, track performance, and automate data capture to understand team activities. Identify the patterns that lead to faster wins — then scale them. Optimize resource allocation and justify the headcount you need. Scale your team’s heroic efforts.

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We use Vivun's Hero Score as a 'quality check' on the sales forecast. Sales leadership reviews it often, thus giving PreSales a voice in the forecast."

Robert Demarco
VP Solutions Consulting
Automate Your Demos

Massively scale your demo capabilities without hiring

We were trying to find a way to drive some best practices in the organization, and we chose Vivun because it hit all the marks.

Frederique Slevin
VP, Head of Global Solution Consulting, ACI Worldwide

Put personalized, fully interactive demos in the hands of your prospects and let them sell internally to their stakeholders. Accelerate deals and make the most of your existing pipeline. Say goodbye to cloning sandbox environments, importing fake data, and relying on recorded videos.

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