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Vivun is a Technical Sales Execution platform. We help some of the fastest growing and most innovative tech companies on the planet secure technical wins faster.
Think of Vivun as your Sales Team's Technical Copilot. Our AI helps your team put the right resources in place to run the best technical sales process, deliver the best product demos and experiences, and capture and contextualize all the product feedback your teams gather so your product team can build the best products. We know that when you do those things, your win rate, adoption, and expansion revenues go up.
You could spend 18-24 months with engineering and sales operations resources to build a fraction of the things Vivun could do, and spend more time and energy maintaining the customizations, or you could see that your Salesforce CRM is a database with tools for sales reps to manage relationships. Salesforce doesn't help you secure technical wins, Vivun does, and Salesforce understands this so well they invested in us.
Of course we do! Vivun's Salesforce integration is powered by a lightweight and conflict-free managed package that is installed in your Salesforce org. This allows a real-time exchange of information while respecting your corporate data access and sharing policies.
The sales team benefits the most from using Vivun. SDRs and AEs get new tools to accelerate technical wins while SEs get an elevated role within the company. Product Management teams also benefit by ensuring their efforts remain lockstep with Revenue Teams.
We help you continuously capture, organize and quantify product feedback from the field and establish a repeatable process, as opposed to a one-time exercise. We integrate with your PLM tools, so your product team can build a revenue-centric roadmap.
We help you capture, customize and distribute interactive product demos. We also provide insights on who is engaging your demos, for how long, and their revenue impact.
We help you run a repeatable technical sales process, allocate resources, and spot risks. As a primary outcome, we help sales teams increase their technical selling capacity.
Vivun provides over 100 key performance indicators, but out of the box provides unique insights about revenue-driven roadmap influence, technical win & close rate impact, technical sales efficiency & optimized ratios, technical forecast guidance and demo insights & effectiveness.
Vivun's AI scales technical expertise across the Sales team. We are the first platform to have modeled the entire technical sales process from developed from decades of experience, thousands of opportunities and millions of technical sales activities.
On average, our customers increase technical selling capacity by 3x, increase technical win rates by as much as 15%, increase average deal size by as much as 20%, and reduce sales cycles by as much as 25%.
Vivun is a SaaS platform and licenses based on users and modules.
On average, Vivun customers are operational in less than 3 months.
Our customers have reported ROI ranging between 7 - 10x their investment.
Vivun means "Lever'' in Finnish. Levers exert a large force over a small distance at one end by exerting only a small force over a greater distance at the other. That is how we see the Technical Sales process - a small amount of force can drive a massive impact.
Vivun made its first sale and raised its first funding in 2019, and now supports hundreds of customers worldwide and has raised over $130M.
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The PreSales sentiment on an opportunity allows me and other leader to understand the misalignment between Sales and PreSales or the risk in deals and allows the broader team to corse correct the direction of these individual deals.

Hayden Stafford President & CRO

Vivun Accelerates Deal Cycles by 31%

Customers who use Vivun understand exactly what it takes to get a deal across the line and replicate those best practices across their entire organization.

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