Investing in Employee Wellness: Fresh Air Fridays!

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At Vivun, we do things a little differently. It’s actually one of our values.

A cornerstone of our culture is wellness. On the first Friday of every month, Heroes are highly encouraged—and expected—to peel themselves away from their screens for some much-needed fresh air. 

Fresh Air Friday (FAF) is the brainchild of the founders. The idea is to work remotely from nine to one in your respective time zone and then the rest of the day is yours along with an extended weekend. 

With a remote culture, our Heroes live all over the globe and have been known to scale mountains, take their dogs to the beach, play tennis, and go snowboarding on their afternoon off. Common practice on FAF is sharing amazing photos and videos from everyone’s adventures on Slack. Vivun fully supports all wellness initiatives with a $150 stipend each quarter. 

Let’s check out what a few Heroes did for April’s FAF!

Ashton Renshaw, Account Executive

Ashton, a beer-loving Denver local, took the afternoon off and went Heli-Skiing in Silverton, Colorado. His favorite part of FAF is that he’s encouraged to get outside, do something he loves, and can step away from work guilt-free. He writes, “First and foremost, I think FAF creates a safe space for everyone to show their lives outside of work. I love seeing what all my teammates are doing away from the computer. It creates engagement, conversation, and commodore as a remote-first organization.”

Mali Hirsch, Product Designer

Another Colorado local at Vivun, Mali loves Jiu-Jitsu. This past FAF, she attended a “War at 4” class, a 90-minute Jiu-Jitsu randori (also called open mat) where she rolled with different opponents without a break. She writes, “It’s very challenging but also very fun as I get to spend time with friends and practice self-defense in a safe and controlled environment. I also love that we can just unplug and enjoy whatever we are into. I absolutely adore the photos that people share on Slack—seeing all the activities and chill moments!”

Greg Cummings, Enterprise Account Executive

Greg hails from Dallas, Texas, and loves to spend time with his family and be out on the water with a fishing rod and fresh air. He most appreciates FAF because he can disconnect from the day-to-day hustle at work and gain perspective on different aspects of life. He writes, “Our individual interests and contributions are celebrated at Vivun, a company that truly recognizes every person’s unique skillsets and what they bring to the table. We’re encouraged to take advantage of the activities that make us successful in all areas of our lives.”

Danielle Heffernan, Technical Writer

Danielle lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, and was stoked to see Saint Peter’s University go all the way to the elite 8 after being seeded 15th in the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament. She showed her Jersey City pride on FAF and attended the Saint Peter’s welcome home parade for the men’s team and went for a beautiful run on the water, snacking on donuts after. Her favorite part about FAF: “Being encouraged and celebrated for getting away from work and kick-starting the weekend early once a month is the best! Getting to see what your coworkers like to do outside of work is really fun. I’ve learned so much about people just by how they spend their FAFs!”

Nikki Gagnon, Inbound Sales Development Representative

Nikki loves where she lives in Los Angeles and doing some extra exploring during FAFs. She writes, “It’s very common to get caught up in all of the things that need to get done professionally and personally, and FAF encourages us to carve out space to focus on us, what we love, and intentionally step away from work. I’m a firm believer that the more we stay connected to what we love & do outside of work, the better we show up for our teammates and those we serve.” Her future FAF plans include going outside, getting sun-kissed, and moving as much as possible. 

FAF is a unique and special part of Vivun’s culture 

FAF makes working at Vivun exciting and engaging even when Heroes are 5,000 miles apart. Being encouraged to unplug, get outside, move, all while the company invests in the activities that make our lives whole creates an atmosphere where people truly want to show up and work hard. And as you can tell we play hard too!

Interested in joining a culture dedicated to employee wellness? We’d love to hear from you!

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Sam Wortman Avatar photo April 11, 2022