Hashicorp Gains Efficiencies and Saves Countless Hours with Vivun

Once we implemented Vivun, hours turned into minutes.

Erik Papir, AVP, Worldwide Solutions & Architecture


HashiCorp enables our customers to deploy the cloud operating model.

If I had to pick one area that is, you know, the biggest benefit that we’ve seen with Vivun, it’s just having a centralized spot to look at deliverables and activities, categorize and analyze and do all the different things that we wanted. We’ve always wanted the data we’ve always wanted to have and now it’s finally at our fingertips and Vivun has enabled that to happen.

Before Vivun we were using some homegrown tools. And SEs, if you wanted to participate in those tools, were spending probably hours a week entering their information and doing the tracking. Once we implemented Vivun, and this is, again, across the globe, those hours have turned into minutes. We have much better visibility into the deals and predictability.

As we’ve looked at adding headcount to the business, we have leveraged some of the data from Vivun to be able to justify that headcount. And so we now have some data to know exactly what we expect from a productivity perspective from each SE.

Our data from Vivun is being presented to the Board at times as well, Things like tech, win linearity, ACV contribution by se win rates, those kinds of things are some of the metrics that we’re we’re presenting upstream,

Before Vivun, there wasn’t an easy way for an SE to go in and look at their business. Now they have a very focused view of their business, they can wake up every morning, look at their funnel and just continue to focus on that and get wins across these deals.

The two way integration and the level of integration that Vivun and SFDC have together has been really one of the highlights of the project for us. But across the board, we have, we have literally really transformed our business.

We have recognized value pretty quickly right after the deployment. And as we go forward, and now that we’re a year plus into the deployment, we’re seeing tremendous value.