Optimize Execution

Level Up the PreSales Team

Easily capture PreSales activity and the insights needed to unlock capacity, ensure pipeline coverage, and be amazing partners to Sales.

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Everything PreSales Needs in a Single Workspace

Increase team capacity and time spent selling. Eliminate context switching with a single place for PreSales to manage opportunities, track activities, and capture insights from the field.

Increase Visibility Without Adding Overhead

Gain visibility into key PreSales efforts without adding to your sales engineers' workload by automatically linking their calendar events to their most relevant selling activities.

Always Find the Right SE for the Deal

Improve resource management, boost team performance, and eliminate biased assignments by letting Vivun recommend the best PreSales team member for a deal based on availability, experience, and skill set.

Demonstrate Your Team's Incredible Impact

Strategically allocate resources to maximize success, reward top performers, and become more data driven with a view of revenue impact, win rate, and workload for every team member.
39% of customers use Vivun data to optimise AE:SE ratios

Make Every SE Your Best SE

Scale the way that PreSales operates, drive better alignment with Sales, and gather the data you need to improve coverage ratios, protect PreSales time, and optimize your technical selling process.

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Nick Durkin

"Being able to look at our workload with Vivun allowed us to determine the right ratio of sales engineers to sales in our capacity model."

Nick Durkin Field CTO and VP Field Engineering